Basics of Golf Clash

Golf Clash is one of the best golf games for the mobile platform at least. In terms of the aesthetics it is simple but good looking and enough to keep you company. In terms of gameplay mechanics it is of course golf. Don’t worry though as you are treated to a nice tutorial but just read along if you want to. Golf Clash is of course a golf game, so your objective is to sink that golf ball with the least amount of strokes as possible. Then again if your opponent or you sink the ball in a number of strokes and you fail to do so then the game is basically over. Now we’ll start with driving the ball which is like your first stroke.

The Basic

Traditionally you go for the strongest club to drive that ball long. You need to swipe back to get the power that you need but the stronger you pull back means that the trickier it is to hit the middle of the target and if you don’t hit the middle of the target, chances are that the ball will curve but as long as it doesn’t hit or land anywhere but on the fairway then you’re good. You do the same thing until the ball lands on the green for when you start to putt and sink that ball. In terms of putting, you still swipe back to get power but as you are pulling back and before you release it you need to notice the direction.

Right Power

Adjust the direction and get the right power before you release and putt the ball. You also have to land the arrow on the middle before you hit it so that you’ll be sure that it hits and sinks on the hole. Now that we’ve gone through the basic gameplay mechanics you can pretty much that do these things over and over again as you continue to play Golf Clash. Remember that when you play the game you can compete and play against other people online. You can pretty much just play with real people one on one or in a tournament. Regardless of what mode you play, the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same more over, you can use this Golf Clash Hack for more coins.

Unlocking items

There are of course other things you can do in Golf Clash. Just like of course unlocking more content and items. Just like unlocking and buying more balls and different types of golf clubs. Remember that different equipment and balls can give you a slight advantage of course. Now every time you win you can earn more money compared to when you lose. Don’t worry though as losing doesn’t always penalize you as long as you keep your cool. Then again the game doesn’t have a system where you can flame players. You can chat them but not a way that it can offend people. Pick up the game today and play it and of course it is free.